"Simple, easy and hugely flavourful

Gary, NSW

I had the opportunity to try Smoking’ BBQ Wood Pellet last week. I instantly became the new wonder chef of our house! Simple, easy and hugely flavourful. 


I laid the fillet steak cuts into our BBQ and popped in the smoking pellets (in the smoker tube) and closed the lid. After an hour and a bit, came back, removed the steak, fired up the BBQ, then seared the steaks 2mins each side. No more. Rested for 5 mins. On the plate and served. Magnificent!! 

I’ve tried the Port Barrel Oak - now for the other four flavours!

"No more chewy steaks!"

Bede, NSW

No more chewy steaks!!! I smoked a porterhouse steak for 45 mins to 1hr in my BBQ with the tube smoker with iron bark pellets then grilled for 10-15mins ended up with restaurant quality results it had a beautiful smoked earthy flavour and was so tender and juicy don't miss out!!!

"A real smokey flavour"

Steph, NSW

Used the SmokeWorx Tube Smoker and Port Barrel Pellets over the weekend to smoke our ribs. I simply placed the tube smoker underneath my Weber grill and cold smoked my ribs for 2 hours, before quickly searing on each side. The flavour was unbelievable, will definitely be doing this again! 

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